Code of Conduct

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Schuss Alpine Club honours a longstanding tradition of valuing its Members and Guests. The club has three wonderful lodges in Mt Buller, Falls Creek and Thredbo.  Providing comfortable lodge style accommodation for both short term and long term holiday's.

The Club is not a commercial establishment, and we ask that our Members and Guests care for our three Lodges and respect the rights of each Member and Guest to enjoy their time in each Lodge in their own way.

This Code of Conduct promotes the safety and enjoyment of Members and Guests during their stay at Schuss.

The code also sets out the obligations on all Members and Guests to behave responsibly and to adhere to the Club’s values and its culture for the duration of their stay.

Failure to abide by the Code of Conduct may result in the loss of accommodation privileges.


Liability of the Club

Members and guests enter a Schuss Lodge at their own risk. The Club and its Members accept no liability for any act, omission, or breach of duty by any person which results in personal injury or damage, theft or loss of property.


Lodge Manager

»   Manager in residence

The Club has appointed a full-time winter manager at each Schuss Lodge in order to safeguard and maintain the club’s property and to ensure that each lodge is run efficiently.

Under the authority and direction of the Schuss Board of Directors, the Manager is expected to provide a level of service and an atmosphere that acknowledges that Members are the owners of and key stakeholders in their Club. The Manager is expected to be effective and consistent in dealing with Members and Guests and to refer to the directors when situations arise that are difficult and out of the ordinary.

The Directors have empowered each Manager to ensure the Code of Conduct is observed. The Club expects that Members and Guests will fully co-operate with the Manager to ensure the smooth running of each lodge.

»   Manager not in residence

In non-winter months, when no Manager is employed, Members and Guests are under the same obligations to observe the Club’s Code of Conduct. If a difficult situation arises when no Manager is present, any Guest or Member may contact the relevant Lodge Officer (whose contact details are provided on the front door of the lodge).



Rude, aggressive, unacceptable, or offensive language or behaviour will not be tolerated.

»   Member

Members are responsible for their own proper conduct.  The Club encourages Members to invite Guests to visit our lodges with them.  We view this as creating a vibrant club culture.  As the Member, you are required to encourage responsible communication and behaviour of all Guests within your booking party. This is especially the case when they are in residence.  Members with Guests must ensure all Guests accompanying them are aware of how our Lodges operate and understand this Code of Conduct.  Members must be prepared to assist the manager where the Manager deems the Guests behaviour unacceptable and requests assistance.

»   Guests

Guests are responsible for their own proper conduct. Guests are to ensure they have an understanding as to how our Lodges operate and to understand our Code of Conduct as a Club.



Schuss Alpine Club is a family-oriented Club and children are always very welcome.  Parents or guardians are responsible for the behaviour of their children and must adequately supervise them at all times.


Excessive noise or any other activity likely to disturb Members or Guests is not tolerated. Consideration for others and the Manager is expected.


If the lodge, it's property, or the property of a Member or Guest has been damaged, that damage must be reported to the Manager (or the Lodge Officer, in the absence of a Manager).

The Club reserves the right to charge Members or Guests for the repair of damage to property or other associated costs, particularly if that damage is wilful or the result of gross negligence. The person making the booking is responsible for any damage (and the cost of repair) caused by any person included in their booking.


Manager discretion

If the Manager determines that a Member or Guest’s behaviour is unacceptable for any reason, the manager may refuse continued accommodation for that person without refund.


Incident reporting

Any complaint about the behaviour of Members or Guests should initially be referred to the Lodge Manager, or to the Lodge Officer in the absence of a Manager.

»   Escalation

If the incident is unable to be resolved in a conciliatory way, the Manager may use his or her discretion and escalate the reporting of the incident to the following people, in the following order:

  • Schuss Alpine Club Secretary
  • Schuss Alpine Club Chairman
  • Schuss Alpine Club Feedback Officer

Escalation of the incident should be made by the Manager, in private, by email or telephone call, depending on the severity of the incident.

Once an incident has been escalated, an appropriate response will be addressed by either the Secretary, Chairman or Feedback Officer in conjunction with the manager.

»   Reporting

If an incident has been reported to the Manager, the Manager will provide a written summary of the incident and the escalation process (if the matter was escalated) to the Board of Directors.  The incident will be reported to the Board of Directors for their consideration at the next scheduled Board Meeting.

The Member or Guest who reported the incident will be notified of the outcomes of the Directors consideration of the incident.


Last revised: 5th August 2022