Late June and July Bookings 2022 - PLEASE READ

To our valuable guests, please note some water damage has occurred at our Falls Creek Lodge. 

Whilst we are doing our best to accommodate all bookings, some areas of the lodge have needed to have the carpet removed and we are in the process of arranging for new carpet to be laid.  Sourcing qualified carpet layers is the challenge and the downstairs games room is being used to store the new carpet until it can be laid, rendering this space unusable to guests.

We believe these circumstances will not affect your stay, nor the enjoyment of the Lodge.

Should this be of concern, please contact the Falls Creek Lodge Manger direct on 03 5758 3372 before your stay is due to begin.  

We thank you for your understanding and for booking your accommodation with us.  We look forward to the bumper season continuing and a lot of fun for all!