Health and Safety at Schuss

We are thrilled that you have booked your accommodation with us, and we are very excited to see our bookings increase and our lodges being enjoyed once again.

In the interest of ensuring the safety and enjoyment for all our members and guests, safety measures are in place at our lodges. 

We encourage all Members and Guests to practice socially distancing, use hand hygiene whenever possible and to consider the use of face masks if necessary.

We kindly ask, that should you be experiencing any Covid like symptoms or a general feeling of poor health, that you please do not enter our lodges.

If you are already settled into your accommodation, and should Covid like symptoms appear we ask that you please immediately isolate from other lodge users and make the Manager aware of your situation.

Smoking, Vaping and/or the use of E-cigarettes is prohibited within any area of our Lodges.

All the best for a safe, healthy and fun booking.