A Schuss Ski Club membership is available from members who are resigning and wish to sell and allow others the opportunity of enjoying all the benefits of being a Schuss Ski Club member.

Currently, no new memberships in Schuss are being issued, with total membership fixed at 531. However, membership may be purchased from a resigning member. There are currently some available as the Club has been going for nearly 40 years and some of our founding members are moving on.

Please contact the Membership Secretary for a list of current list of sellers.

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A Schuss Ski Club membership offers a number of advantages and privileges including: Access to three lodges at three of Australi...

Schuss Ski Club Falls Creek Winter 2017 Facebook

How to Join

How do I join or purchase of a Schuss Ski Club membership? Membership of Schuss Ski Club Ltd can only be gained through the purcha...

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Buyer & Seller List

Lists of interested sellers and buyers The Club provides support for the membership transfers by putting buyers and sellers in con...

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Lost Contact List

Lost Contact A list of lost members is available here. If your name is on the list, or if you have information relating to someon...