A Schuss Alpine Club membership offers a number of advantages and privileges including:

  • Access to three lodges at three of Australia's premier alpine resorts. Thredbo | Falls Creek | Mt Buller.
  • Accommodation at considerably discounted rates. 
  • Discount rates extend to Member's family and friends - conditions apply.
  • No annual fees or working bees.
  • Priority booking periods.
  • Memberships may be sold to approved purchasers at prices negotiated between seller and buyer. The Club is not involved in setting sale prices.
  • Members' liability limited to $50.00 should the Club be wound up.
  • Reciprocal rights at Mawabu Ski Lodge at Perisher, NSW

The purchase price of Membership Rights is not fixed. It is determined by negotiated agreement between buyers and sellers.

Who is entitled to Member and Affiliate Tariffs? 

A Member's child over 18 (i.e. they have had their 18th birthday) and under 25 (i.e. they have not had their 25th birthday) is only entitled to affiliate rates if they are in full time education.

Where the Member's spouse or de facto spouse is not part of the group one other person is entitled to affiliate tariffs.

The full list of people entitled to Affiliate tariffs is:

  1. the spouse or de facto spouse of a Member;
  2. any one other nominated person accompanying a Member in the absence of a spouse or de facto spouse;
  3. any children of a Member under the age of 18 years;
  4. any two grandchildren under the age of 18 years, accompanying a Member who is the grandparent of those children;
  5. a person and their spouse or de facto spouse, being the person who transferred membership rights to a child or grandchild, provided that child or grandchild has retained the transferred membership rights, and
  6. any child of a Member who is over 18 and under 25 years of age, a full time student and accompanying their parent or parents provided a valid student card, or copy of same, is presented to the Club at the time of booking.

To learn more about any of the above, please email 


Lodge Managers

If you are a member and are interested in offering your services as a Lodge Manager at anytime throughout the year, we encourage you to make contact.  

Lodge Manager positions can range from a couple of weeks to a few months at a time. 

Should you like to know availability and to register your interest please email