MEMBERSHIP | Transferring or Buying


The Club provides support for the membership transfers by putting buyers and sellers in contact.

The Club maintains a list of -

  • Members interested in Selling their Membership
  • Buyers interested in Buying a Membership

Both list's contain the preferred contact details for the person interested in making a transaction. 

The negotiation of the Membership transfer is between the Seller and the Buyer. 

The Membership Transfer Kit outlines the steps involved and contains the forms the Club requires to be completed throughout the process.

BUYERS - If you are interested in Buying a Membership, please obtain a copy of the Membership Transfer Kit and complete page 3 and forward to the Membership Secretary.  You may copy and paste the details from the form into an email opposed to printing, completing and scanning if that is easier for you.  If handwriting, please ensure the important stuff like names, phone numbers, email address are clear to read.  Upon completion of page 3 your details will be added to the Buyers List and shared with any Member interested in selling their Membership.

SELLERS - If you are a Member looking to transfer your Membership, please obtain a copy of the Membership Transfer Kit and complete page 4 and forward to the Membership Secretary.  Your details will then be added to the Sellers List and made available to potential Buyers upon request.

 If you are an existing Member of the Schuss Alpine Club and would like to transfer your Membership to your child or grandchild, please complete pages 5 and 6 in the Membership Transfer Kit and forward copies to the Membership Secretary.