How to Join

How do I join or purchase of a Schuss Ski Club membership?

Membership of Schuss Ski Club Ltd can only be gained through the purchase, by approved applicants, of an existing membership.

The transfer of membership is a transaction between seller and buyer, and the Club is not a party to the transaction.

The Articles of Association of Schuss Ski Club Ltd require the member selling a membership to notify the Board of the intention to transfer membership rights, together with the name of the proposed buyer to whom the rights will be transferred.

A public version list of members who wish to sell is available on the Buyer & Seller List page or by email from the Membership Secretary. The buyer and the resigning member are responsible for arranging the sale and negotiating sale price.

The document Purchase of Schuss Membership fully describes the process for joining Schuss. It contains a step by step description of the process and all the forms you will need to purchase a Schuss Membership. A summary of the steps involved in the purchase of membership rights follow:

  1. The intending purchaser locates a member wanting to sell and the price of the transaction is agreed between them. No money changes hands at this time. The nature of the agreement is entirely the responsibility of the two parties (e.g. verbal, exchange of letters of intent, etc.).
  2. Obtain Board Approvals:
    The purchaser submits an application for membership to be considered and approved by the Schuss Board. Two proposers who are current Schuss members must support the application. If you don't know any I would strongly advise you to visit one of our Lodges and introduce yourself to the manager who will show you around and probably sign an application form for you. At the same time you will see one of the three lodges to which Schuss Membership gives you access. Of course there is no better way to understand Schuss and learn the advantages Membership has to offer than to stay in one or more of our lodges. If neither option is available to you please contact me (email or phone details on the right).
    The seller is required under Schuss’ Articles of Association to notify the Board of the intention to sell the membership.
  3. When the Board approvals are in place, the purchaser pays the seller, and pays the Transfer Fee to the Club.
  4. The Schuss Secretary is notified once the seller is satisfied regarding the payment (e.g., personal cheques cleared). The Secretary will enter the name of the purchaser in the Register of Members of Schuss Ski Club Ltd, and forward a Membership Card.  

You might like to read more about Membership Benefits here or if you have any questions, please contact the Membership Secretary by email or by phone 03 9534 3131.