Schuss News December 2017

Posted on 18 December 2017

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  • Plan to embrace the bike boom
  • Help! New club secretary needed
  • Nominations called for Schuss board
  • Club IT overhaul completed 

Pedal power: our plan to embrace the bike boom

IT IS one of Australia’s fastest growing participation sports, and unquestionably the fastest growing recreational activity in our alpine resorts. Summer mountain biking, if you hadn’t noticed, is booming – and three of the biggest destinations for this sport happen to be the places where Schuss Ski Club has its lodges: Falls Creek, Thredbo and Mt Buller.

The Schuss board has for some years had intermittent discussions about investing in new facilities to make our lodges more attractive to bike riders and racers, but has never undertaken any significant works or promotions to become an active participant in this exploding scene.

All this, we hope, is about to change. After unprecedented investment by the big Victorian and NSW resorts in new mountain bike trails and in major events across the non-winter months, and with the numbers of visitors continuing to swell, the Schuss board at its December 2017 meeting agreed to get moving on plans to promote the use of our lodges by bike riders – not just mountain bikers, but also the road variety whose numbers in alpine regions are booming as well. Notably, the Falls Creek Lodge is usually full for a weekend in March for the now legendary Peaks Challenge, where road riders have 13 hours to complete a circuit including Tawonga Gap, Mt Hotham and the back of Falls Creek from Omeo.

The first step will be to adapt our existing facilities as soon as possible to enable convenient and secure storage for what are often very valuable pieces of sporting equipment. Eventually, at Falls Creek and Thredbo at least, we will investigate the feasibility of building new stand-alone facilities for bike storage and maintenance.

Now that most of the hard work on the renovation projects is behind us, we can turn more of our attention to what promises to be a major boom for our club. Extensive information about mountain biking and bike events at Falls Creek, Buller and Thredbo is available on each resort website. Go to:

More works to come at Schuss Thredbo

MORE works are being planned for Schuss Thredbo over coming months after the completion of major renovation activity in spring. The last big renovation items were the installation of the entrance canopy and weather shelter in late September, and the restoration of stonework on the lower level. While the main focus of the renovation has been on the upper level living and dining areas of the lodge, the Schuss board has now turned its attention to the lower three levels of the lodge, where all the bedrooms are located and which are in obvious need of new carpet, fresh paint and some other remedial works.